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Science 6

Kamille Finklea : Teacher

Kamille Finklea | Teacher

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  • Science 6
  • ESOL

Angela Fishel : Teacher

Angela Fishel | Teacher

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Mrs. Fishel here, marking her 24th year in the teaching profession. She's dedicated the past decade to teaching science at Lava Ridge. Before that, Mrs. Fishel shared her expertise with 2nd-5th graders at Santa Clara and CP Squires Elementary Schools.

Her love for science has been a constant throughout her career, and having the opportunity to teach it every day feels like a dream come true. Mrs. Fishel finds immense joy in how science can ignite students' curiosity and challenge their thinking, making it a subject that naturally draws their interest as they explore the world around them.

Outside the classroom, Mrs. Fishel has been happily married to her husband Jerry for 29 years. Together, they have two boys named Matthew and Ethan, along with two golden retrievers, two cats, and too many fish to keep track of. She enjoys reading, embracing new knowledge, hiking, exploring the beautiful desert, and seizing any opportunity to travel. It's a wonderfully chaotic life!"

  • Community College of Southern Nevada: Associate in General Studies
  • University of Nevada: Bachelor's in Elementary Education
  • University of Nevada: Master's in Curriculum and Instruction

Lisa Stolen : Teacher

Lisa Stolen | Teacher

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Mrs. Stolen was born and raised with an insatiable curiosity, leading a life filled with diverse experiences and tackling numerous roles. As a mother, grandmother, and proud canine partner, she has navigated through various endeavors. With a degree in business, she ventured into entrepreneurship, owning a pet store and breeding pet birds in her basement. Mrs. Stolen also delved into racing Porsches, repairing computers, home improvement tasks such as removing walls, sheet-rocking, wiring, and installing sprinklers. Her skills extend to culinary arts, sewing, crocheting, stained glass making, and teaching.

To Mrs. Stolen, age is merely a number, not a destination or achievement. For her 60-somethingth birthday, she booked a trip to Costa Rica with a group primarily comprised of retired teachers, embarking on an adventure to enhance her Spanish skills. She approaches learning with dedication, recognizing that learning is a continuous process of doing.

  • Bachelor of Science in Management - University of Utah
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education - Southern Utah University
  • Master's in Education - Southern Utah University