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Collective Commitments

LRIS Collective Commitments



At Lava Ridge we are dedicated to doing    what is BEST for ALL Students by:

Teaming: (Department & Interdisciplinary)

    • Being an active  member of a high functioning Collaborative Interdisciplinary Team/Department and successfully using the LRIS academic & behavior intervention plan. (Will/Skill)
    • Identifying, implementing , and assessing all GVCs as a department.
    • Using CSIP  as a home to post:
      •  GVCs/Clarifying GVCs/Learning Targets
      • Action plans
      • Data Collection
      • Evidence of RTI steps 
      • Evidence of student growth.
    • Maintaining and updating an informative department website.
    • Knowing students well enough to respond to and support their emotional concerns/needs.
    • Positively supporting Advisory Class/PBIS for interventions. 
      • Checking Advisory document before end of announcements to verify where students are requested.
      • Keep students you requested in your room for the whole period.
    • Communicating with home on a regular basis
  • Voice to Voice if a student has an NP, 2 weeks before end of trimester
    •  Attendance Concerns –  3 unknown consecutive absences or 2 absences in 20 days

Quality Teaching:

  • Providing quality TIER One teaching/instruction daily.
  • CHAMPS posted, implemented and used in classrooms.
  • Monitoring all student’s learning through frequent CFAs, benchmarks and data analysis to provide appropriate and adequate interventions.
  • Implement reading in ALL content areas.
  • All students and teachers participate in mindful minute and listen to all of the morning announcements.
  • Making sure that all students’ grades are current in Powerschool every Friday.
  • Use Schoology to assist students and families 
  • Complete roll taking in the first 10 minutes of each class period.
  • Modeling professional use of technology during school hours.
  • Teach all school planned lessons  when calendared and hold students to these defined standards.  (Organization, Policies & Procedures, Technology, PBIS, etc.)

LRI Expectations:

  • Being an active participant in ALL Professional Developments. (Friday 12:30-2:30)
  • Reading monthly memos/emails to be updated on school happenings.
  • Checking emails before school, after school and periodically throughout the day.
  • Greeting students at the door.
  • School Assemblies/Activities: all faculty members attend.
  • Maintaining a high standard of professional dress and grooming.

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We are dedicated to doing what is BEST for ALL students.

Lava Ridge's Mission Statement

Every student TOUCHES GOLD ... Every day, with every opportunity.
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