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Math 7

Doni Bateman : Teacher

Doni Bateman | Teacher

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  • Math 7

Peggy Blair : Teacher

Peggy Blair | Teacher

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Mrs. Blair, a Navy Brat who later married a Naval Officer, has lived a life filled with adventure and travel. Growing up, she experienced life in various parts of the country and even spent time living in Japan. Eleven years ago, she and her husband settled in Santa Clara after his 30-year Naval career came to an end. Since then, Mrs. Blair has been a dedicated educator at Lava Ridge Intermediate, teaching Math 6, Math 7, Language Arts 6, and Special Education.

Family is of utmost importance to Mrs. Blair, who has four children and six beloved grandchildren. Her love for warm weather and beaches is evident, particularly her fondness for Aruba, a destination her students are well aware of.

In her free time, Mrs. Blair enjoys indulging in her passions for reading, hiking, and spending quality time with her family. She finds immense joy in her role as a teacher, knowing that she has the opportunity to positively influence the lives of her students.

  • Bachelor of Science in Education - Miami University

Jandi Gubler : Teacher

Jandi Gubler | Teacher

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Mrs. Gubler is an experienced educator with a diverse background in teaching and a strong commitment to student success. She holds a Master's degree in Education, as well as Bachelor's degrees in English and Special Education, and she has over 15 years in the field of education. Notably, 8 of those years have been dedicated to Lava Ridge. Currently, she divides her time between teaching 6th-grade Language Arts and working as the school Learning Coach. Her commitment to teaching and learning extends beyond the classroom as she actively supports both new and veteran teachers, fostering collaboration among teacher teams to elevate the learning experience for all students at Lava Ridge. With her experience across various age levels and educational settings in Utah and Idaho, Mrs. Gubler is dedicated to ensuring that every student at Lava Ridge reaches their full potential.

  • Associate of Arts - Dixie College
  • Bachelor of Arts - Southern Utah University (SUU)
  • Master's of Education - Southern Utah University (SUU)

Pamela Main : Teacher

Pamela Main | Teacher

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  • Math 7
  • Special Education

Janelle Warby : Teacher

Janelle Warby | Teacher

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Mrs. Warby was born and raised in beautiful St. George, UT. She graduated from Snow Canyon High School in 1998, then earned her Associates of Art from Dixie College in 2000. In 2002, she graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. In the same year, she was fortunate to be hired to work at the new Lava Ridge Intermediate school, which opened in August of 2002.

In 2003, Mrs. Warby married her high school sweetheart. They are blessed with three wonderful boys, ranging in age from 17 to 13. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking/baking, and taking care of her many house plants.

Teaching 7th graders math at Lava Ridge is Mrs. Warby's passion. She finds joy in teaching math that is applicable to real-life situations, striving to help her students understand each concept so they can be successful in activities like shopping, cooking, or budgeting. Witnessing her students' hard work and encouragement towards one another is incredibly rewarding for her. She values the kindness that the students share with each other.

Mrs. Warby cherishes her time at Lava Ridge, considering it her home away from home. She loves working alongside wonderful teachers who care deeply about their students' success and well-being.

  • Associate of Arts from Dixie College
  • Bachelor of Science from Southern Utah University